Data Protection

Having data backed up properly with the ability to restore systems quickly in the event of systems failure is essential to being a compliant, professional and reputable business. Data protection is not just an issue for the IT department.

Your business is probably at risk if you have data stored in a single location or are still using outdated tape back-up technology. Data protection issues are also caused by the incorrect configuration of security and backup solutions, a situation that often goes unchecked without adequate procedures and expertise in place.

Effective Disaster Recovery (DR) is as much about how quickly you recover as it is about capturing and protecting data.

We help with a clear set of actions that formalise how you’ll recover from a technology failure or natural disaster.

Anti-Virus and Firewalls

While technology has improved to deal with these new threats, it’s also grown more complex to manage. What’s not often realised is that data protection issues are often caused by incorrect configuration of security solutions, something that often goes unchecked without the right procedures and expertise in place.

We ensure you get this critical area of business right. We can deploy and manage technologies for complete protection without any noticeable slow-down in network speed.

Worry less knowing our certified technicians are trained  and always up-to-date with the latest  fixes.

We use proven methodologies and best practice for dependable security through, preventative maintenance, reporting and responsive support, creating an impassable barrier to attack.

Work confidently without fear of viruses infecting staff or customer systems. We utilises industry leading software and management practices from leading vendors to provide a fully managed business-grade solution for virus threats.