Our Business Mission and Vision
AOLC’s mission is to provide superior quality IT services that Clients want to recommend to their business associates, Employees are proud off and the Community can rely on.


AOLC On-Line (PTY) Ltd is an Information Technology Solutions company formed and registered in South Africa. The company specialise in solutions, hardware, software, support, connectivity, electronics and security. AOLC has a wealth of technical resources and expertise. AOLC is a company with acknowledged technical and strategic expertise and a background of numerous years in the Information Technology field. This gives AOLC the unique ability to deliver solutions which satisfy Customer’s needs.

• AOLC provides high quality solutions tailored to solve business and information management problems
• An experienced team of professionals design and implement a wide range of software, hardware, network and connectivity solutions using a methodology that emphasizes customer involvement
• AOLC specialises in assisted backup solutions to help you protect your valuable data, and data recovery to help you retrieve your critical data in case of an unforeseen event
• AOLC is a supplier of all major hardware and software brands
• Its focus is on long-term success of clients and their products
• This is demonstrated by a commitment to provide on-going product maintenance, training, and technical advisory support
• AOLC offers clients the best products at competitive rates
• We are available 356/24/7 through the Helpdesk number

Our approach to undertake projects has a strong RAD / JAD component that allows the ability to deliver fast solutions with a high level of clients’ input to ensure it meets their requirements. This is achieved by efficient and effective testing by the team while not compromising quality.


Service Excellence:

• We pride ourselves in the ability to add value to your business by providing timely, professional, effective and efficient services by using our distinctive set of skills. Continuous Improvement in Measureable ways

• By identifying key needs and assess how these needs will be met

• Continuously improve our services and measure progress.

Employee Development:

• We hire talented and driven people

• Increase skills through training and experience

• Provide opportunities for growth within the company

Team Work:

• AOLC strives towards ever-improving customer services by working together as a team

• Our team approach allows for Customer focus

• Employees at all levels in the company participate in planning, decision-making and process improvement

Ethical and fair treatment:

• AOLC conducts its business according to the highest ethical standards.

• AOLC is committed to fairness and trust with our Clients, Suppliers, Partners and Employees


• AOLC constantly investigate and Invest in the development of new and better ways of delivering our services.


• AOLC believes that short term profit is always less important than building long-term relationships

Social Responsibility and Sustainability:

• Sustainability means behavior which is socially, economically and environmentally responsible.

• AOLC in association with Isibani Education and Training, host Interns for periods of 6 month to gain valuable Workplace Experience,

AOLC’s mission is to provide superior quality IT services that Clients want to recommend to their business associates, Employees are proud off and the Community can rely on. Our solutions can offer increased productivity and long term benefits for our clients. We are committed to our Mission and conduct our business with integrity. The corner stone of our Code of Conduct is our Service. This Code of Conduct sets out the basic rules for each of us at AOLC to follow when we conduct business. We correspondingly expect and require our representatives, advisors, suppliers, contractors and other parties who work with us to respect the same ideologies. However, this Code may not address every situation which we come across.

We also need to use our moral judgment and common sense in our actions.


• AOLC agree with, and respect the protection of internationally declared human rights.

• We are fair, honest and reasonable when dealing with each other.

• Our business relationships are based on respect for, and the dignity of, the individual.

• Unfair discrimination is not tolerated. No decision on recruitment, promotion, selection for training, or any other aspects of staff management will unfairly discriminate. Examples of such discrimination include, but are not limited to, gender, race, disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation or religious belief. This practice is subject to local legal obligations with which we comply.

• AOLC respects the privacy of its employees, suppliers and customers. All personal data is handled in compliance with privacy regulations.

• Our business is based on the competences, knowledge and experience of our people. AOLC invests in continuous employee development.

• We provide a healthy and safe working environment. We have a duty to take every reasonable precaution to avoid injury to ourselves, our colleagues and members of the public.

• We recognise the efforts of the individual in helping create the success of the company.

• We do not tolerate forced labour or child labour.

Community & Government:

• We take into account the concerns of the wider community.

• We seek to serve the community by providing our services efficiently and profitably, and by providing good employment opportunities and conditions.

• We support communities in which we operate.

• We are committed to being a good, law-abiding corporate citizen

• We never improperly influence a decision made by a government or official or other public employee.

• We are open and truthful when dealing with Government and Regulators.

• We will pay the tax we owe, and see this as another way in which we support the communities in which we operate.

• We will compete fairly and do not take part in unlawful cartels.

• We understand our obligations to report transactions as required by law.


• We are concerned with the preservation of the environment in its broadest sense, and recognise that certain resources are limited and must be used responsibly.

• We aim to limit the use of finite resources in all business endeavours. In particular, we recognise the importance of our environmental role in responsibly managing buildings and the land we occupy, including effective waste management with careful use of energy and water.

Business Partners:

• We will not attempt to acquire information regarding a competitor's business by disreputable means.

• We seek competitive advantages through superior performance and products and never through unethical or illegal business practices.

• Our goal is to build partnerships based on trust and long-term cooperation in order to gain mutually beneficial and sustainable business relationships.

• We must not accept or give gifts, hospitality or any other favor of any value if doing so might compromise, or appear to compromise, our ability to make objective business decisions in the best interests of AOLC.

• We strive for reliable, fair and mutually beneficial relations with our suppliers. Supplier selection is based on free and fair competition and transparent supplier selection criteria.


Backed by nearly a decade of experience in providing Network Infrastructure solutions, AOLC believes that it has a proven track record in the broad spectrum of Network Environments and is best equipped to provide the Services required by our Clients. AOLC specialize in structured network environments and understand that the backbone of all Information Technology infrastructures rely on stable and high speed communication - the key to success and productivity in the workplace Only the best and cost effective Communication and Network products in the market are selected and offered to our clients to ensure best value, performance and reliability. AOLC Network Engineering includes design, supply and implementation of Network Hardware and associated software among others. AOLC takes pride in ensuring consistent, high service quality Network Infrastructure for greater customer satisfaction.

Block of Time:

The Block of Time Contract agrees upon the limited and predefined block of service time: monthly, quarterly or yearly. Each Charge added to this Contract will decrease the time remaining for this Account. The usage of the Open Block of Time is entirely up to the Client’s discretion, whether it being remote support or onsite support. The usage of Maintenance Block of Time is for maintenance only and is available at a reduced rate for Clients who have purchased Open Block hours. These are reactive services and does not include preventative maintenance or scheduled tasks. All request must be logged via the AOLC Helpdesk.

Managed services & Block of Time:

An all in one solution, providing the client with peace of mind and ensuring that equipment runs at optimal levels. This service includes ongoing remote and on site workstation and server maintenance. AOLC includes Backup Software for Servers and continuously asses the integrity of the Client’s backups, do test restores and report monthly. Anti-Virus software is included for Workstations and Servers as well as Virus, Spyware and Malware removal. Open Block Hours can be utilised for remote or on-site support per calendar month. Service Level Agreements form part of AOLC’s quality initiative to improve customer focus, service delivery and organisational performance. We provide a clear framework for service delivery; monitor performance and service quality; and support continuous improvement. Our commitment means a willingness to spend time on reviewing service provision with a view to improving it, being open to feedback and willing to challenge traditional or established ways of working; discussing service issues with Clients to promote understanding between parties; to listen, negotiate and seek a compromise that meets the needs of both parties. In terms of expectations, we strive for a sustainable level of service which provides superior quality and will not reduce flexibility or willingness to agree other timescales either to take account of unplanned problems or urgent requirements.